Tunisian- German Technical Textile Events is organized within the framework of the project “German-Tunisian Partnership for capacity building in Technical textiles” financed by DAAD.

The aim of this project is the capacity building on the technical textile expertise of textile engineers in order to improve the employability in Tunisian textile and clothing industry. This is done through the transfer of knowledge from Institute for textile machinery and high performance Materials Technology (ITM) of, TU Dresden, Germany to National Engineering School of Monastir (ENIM) of Monastir University, Tunisia by establishing academic contacts between the ENIM and ITM. The academic exchange between the two project partners will improve the academic and research activities and help in ideas exchange for prospects projects.

The project can provide a foundation to create sustainable approaches by enhancing the technical clothing expertise of textile engineers to improve the employability in Tunisian textile and clothing industry. The academics and researchers of ENIM will be provided the opportunity to learn the latest technological practices in the aforementioned areas by their virtual mobility in Germany and by German academics and researchers providing online workshop in Tunisia within the framework of this project. The project can help identify the requirements of employers and help to improve the technical education of graduates. This will be achieved through a series of skills and knowledge transfer web sessions between ITM and Tunisians professors, researchers, and students. In the context of this new strategic alliance, the specific expertise and resources, as well as the relevant contacts and networks of the two institutes, will be pooled. Other main objectives of the joint project included initiating more international research collaborations, communicating specialist knowledge on research and innovation to industrial actors in the field and driving innovation potential to ensure the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the Tunisian research system. To achieve these goals, online participation, and organization of international web events for students & academic staff will be carried out to encourage knowledge and technology transfer.


The following research areas of textile and assembling technology for textile products are addressed during the project implementation.


  • Design and manufacture of products with 3D CAD
  • Rapid prototyping and simulation
  • Integration of textile sensors and actuators into textile fabrics
  • Assembling technologies of technical textiles
  • Developments in sewing technologies for improved performance functional products
  • Welding technologies
  • Thermal comfort,
  • 3D printing technologies for textile products



Project Actions

  • Participation of Ph.D. candidates from Monastir University in the online Doctoral School for Innovative Clothing Technology during September 2020.
  • Participation and presentation of Tunisian Professors and researchers in the online version of the 13th Joint International Clotech Conference from 8th -11th September 2020 in Dresden, Germany.
  • Co-organization of Germany-Tunisian Technical Textiles Events, series of 5 webinars between Oct-Dec 2020, where the researchers from ITM and Monastir will present best practice examples for integration of the newest technologies in the industry and latest developments in the technological areas for industrial participants. ITM and ENIM will prepare the content and the web platform together, ENIM will spread the information to the industry.
  • Online Training school on technical textile conducted by ITM researchers and scientists for academics and graduates of National Engineering school of Monastir, organized a series of 4 thematic webinars
  • A virtual tour of the Monastir University and facilities of industrial partners will be conducted, which would be distributed between introductory/final slots during the web sessions.