Textile Engineering Club

The ING.ENIM textile club welcomes motivated and active students while creating a space for exchange and communication in order to ensure their

personal and professional development.


Several trainings in softskills as well as in hardskills, events, projects, scientific demonstrations, industrial visits and workshops are essential to sculpt the

profile of an active, curious and creative engineer, which facilitates his integration within society and the professional environment.


Thus, we cite the techniques that we ensure to teach our members: Public speaking, Mind Mapping, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Leadership,

Design, time and stress management, negotiation techniques, tips for job applications and many other opportunities thanks to our partners and sponsors

and their certified trainings.


Each year, the ING.ENIM textile club organizes an event which is the result of all the hardships experienced and the skills assimilated within the club. This

annual event brings together all the appearing categories in the textile field and this is how we achieve success and ensure a better future for the textile

industry, by sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences.


In 2020, the TEXTOLOGY event’s theme was: Technology and ecology in favor of the textile sector. This academic professional meeting, combined

presentations, conferences focusing on green textiles, sustainable processes and the optimization of industrial processes through good practices and

environmentally sound technologies, round tables and interactive questions, a panel highlighting the Tunisian experience with regard to the implementation of good clean production practices as well as the environmental policies adopted to optimize the use of resources and reduce the environmental impact in the sector.


Other major annual events in previous years have created spaces for exchange between student engineers, engineers, professors, researchers and business leaders. We can cite:

- TexWeek (2014)

- TexArt (2015)

- Textile Engineers (2017)

- TexStep (2018)

- Textiversal (2019)

These events were an opportunity to acquire not only basic but also technical skills. The success that we have experienced through these actions makes us so proud and so responsible for enriching and developing our next events.

In conclusion, the ING.ENIM textile club is the bridge between student life and professional life. The academic background of textile engineer at ENIM will be crowned by the experience acquired within the ING.ENIM textile club.