Textile department

Textile engineering training at ENIM


National Engineering School of Monastir is the unique Tunisian public engineering school which provides training in textile engineering in Tunisia since 1997. The creation of the textile engineering department at ENIM in 1997 was the result of extensive consultation with Tunisian industrials, national textile organisms (CETTEX, FENATEX ...) and European textile engineering schools. The training is oriented to applications in the textile industry and to the modern disciplines such as computer science, automation and robotics as well as human sciences, management sciences and languages.

The textile department offers textile diploma in 4 options in line with the job market in Tunisia (Textile & clothing, Textile Finishing, Technical Textiles, Logistics and Management). Recently, the textile engineering department carried out an important reform of its programs: revision of the contents of the modules, better organization of teaching and knowledge controls (the year is divided into 4 quarters), a better approach for training in languages ​​(Voltaire, Introduction to TOEIC), fewer hours of classical class teaching and more hours of collaborative training project (case studies, educational projects) in order to promote teamwork and the spirit of engineers, one month of specific training (or professional internship) during the inter-semester period (January),… During the 3 years of training, it is possible to carry out up to 8 months of industrial internship (up to 4 months of internships during the first two years and 4 or 6 months of internship for preparing the graduated project).

In the first year of textile engineer training students follow training courses in the following themes.

  • Languages and Management
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Sciences for the engineer
  • Textile Clothing
  • Textile transformation processes
  • Textile Chemistry

In the second year of textile engineer training students follow training courses in the following themes.

  • Languages & Industrial Management
  • Metrology and technical textiles
  • Textile Clothing
  • Textile transformation processes
  • Textile Chemistry

In the third year of textile engineer training students follow training programs in four specializations:

  • Textile Clothing
  • Textile finishing
  • Technical Textiles
  • Industrial Management and Logistics

With main training modules:

  • Languages and Management
  • Lean manufacturing and certification
  • Mathematics- statistics –informatics
  • Sciences for the engineer
  • Textile materials
  • Spinning, weaving, knitting, non-woven and whole Textile transformation processes
  • Clothing, apparel, pattern design
  • Garments manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Textile chemistry & finishing
  • Production & quality control and management
  • Ergonomic & organization
  • HRM – commerce – marketing
  • Technical & Innovative Textile
  • functional textile

Research in Textile Engineering


Ph. D diploma is only delivered by ENIM for the students having finished their Ph.D thesis (Figure 5). Only students having research master degree or engineering diploma can prepare Ph.D thesis in various research areas with collaboration of many research structures of Monastir University:

  • Textile engineering laboratory – ISET KSAR HEALL
  • Laboratory of mechanical engineering –ENIM
  • Energy and thermal systems laboratory –ENIM
  • Laboratory for advanced materials and interfaces – faculty of sciences of Monastir – FSM
  • Research unit of applied chemistry and environment – FSM
  • Research unit of materials and process in textile –ENIM

Cooperation with economic partners


Textile department has excellent relations of cooperation and collaboration with a large number of national and international industrial companies as well as technical centers, Tunisian federation of textiles & clothing (FTTH), Tunisian-German chamber of industry & commerce (AHK-Tunis) and research structures. The main activities related to this cooperation are:

  • Preparation of training program
  • Support for students
  • Exchange of researchers, students and technical staff;
  • Co-organization of symposia and conferences;
  • Development of joint research projects;
  • Conclusion of agreements on co-supervision of doctoral theses;
  • Exchange of documents, publications and teaching materials.

International cooperative projects

  • ENIM is a member of the Association of Universities for Textiles “AUTEX”, since 2012.
  • Textile engineering department has recently started (2014-2015) two joint degree programs with:
  • National Higher Engineering School of Southern Alsace -Mulhouse, University of Haute-Alsace, France. (École Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs Sud-Alsace, Mulhouse) : ENSISA of Mulhouse.
  • National Higher School of Textile Industries of Roubaix, University of Lille, France. (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries textiles de Roubaix): ENSAIT of Roubaix
  • International Mobility Semester with :
  • The Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology – Mönchengladbach, Germany
  • School of Textiles -Tianjin Polytechnic University - China
  • PhD Thesis under joint supervision with partners from ENSISA of Mulhouse & ENSAIT of Roubais in France.
  • DAAD Project : German – Tunisian practice partnership project in textile & clothing 2016-2019 with Faculty of textile & clothing technology in MÖNCHENGLADBACH in Germany
  • D cooperative program between ENIM & HN : Joint supervision and awarding of ENIM’ doctorate degree in Textile Engineering for HN’s students 2019-2020
  • Erasmus+ Program between ENIM & HN 2019-2022 : Exchange of students & Ph.D Students & professors
  • ERASMUS + project with Saxion University of applied sciences in Netherlands