Laboratory of Textile Engineering

Adress: Height Institute of Technical Studies (ISET) of Ksar Hellal 

Av. Hadj Ali SOUA, 5070, Ksar Hellal, Monastir – Tunisia 
Email: ​
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Fax: (216) 73 450 163 
Laboratory code: LR11ES42, Creation date : 1999 
Team: 5 professors, 42 doctors, 49 PhD students


Projects (topic sentences)

·  Project 1: Study and characterization of the textile potential of local natural

·  Project 2: Valuation of natural materials for textile and para-textile applications

·  Project 3: Technical textiles: Design, analysis and performance optimization of media based on chemical materials

·  Project 4: Textile finishing: functionalization of textiles and optimization of new environmentally friendly ways of finishing and waste treatment

·  Project 5: Textile process: analysis and optimization

·  Project 6: Establishment of an information system, organization and quality forecasting in the textiles and clothing sector

·  Project 7: Textile comfort: design and optimization of thermal sensory and aesthetic comfort textile fabrics

The Textile Engineering Laboratory (LGTex) is the main organizer of the International Conference of Applied Research on Textile and Materials  (CIRATM). This is an international scientific meeting which provides an international open forum for researchers from academic and industrial fields to present their original work and exchange ideas and information in order to enhance the transfer of knowledge and favor a rapid industrial uptake.