National Engineering School of Monastir

ENIM is created in 1987 (the law n ° 87-64 of 13/11/1987), has a number of students about 1500, more than 120 teachers in different specialties and an administrative and technical staff of 50 peoples. ENIM offers three diplomas: engineering diploma, master degree and Ph. Doctor diploma. Students after passing a national exam of preparatory class, begin the engineering studies in one of four types of engineering degree accredited by CTI: Mechanical Engineering (GM), Electrical Engineering (GEL), Energy Engineering (GEN) and Textile Engineering (GT). Mainly there are 6277 graduated in engineering studied since their creation (1987-2018) in 20 specialties of the 4 types engineering field (Figure 2). Training during the engineering studies is respecting the flowing criteria:

-          5 course semesters with about 2400 hours per Engineering Degree.

-          From 2 to 4 training internship in textile industry (4 weeks/training)

-          winter and/or summer training 1 during the 1st and the 2nd year

-          Upgrading courses in languages and engineering sciences.

-          Visits to industrial factories

-          6 months’ graduation project: 6th semester,

-          85 % of graduation projects are performed in industry and abroad

Research training

In addition to engineering training, the ENIM offers four research masters, two in mechanical engineering (a professional master in manufacturing and a research master), an international master in energy engineering (REMENA, which includes Germany, Monastir and Egypt ), a master in textile engineering and a professional Master (ENIM + ENISO). The master's courses at ENIM take place over two years and concern students with an engineering degree or a bachelor's degree (Figure 1). Holders of a master's degree or an engineer have the opportunity to follow doctoral training at ENIM (energetic, electrical,mechanical and textiles), which extends over three years, with the possibility of an extension of two years. Mainly, 462 Ph. doctors are graduated from ENIM from 2002 to 2018.


International cooperation

ENIM is currently, partner with 2 German universities, Kassel University for a master’s degree on renewable energy, and the University of Mönchengladbach for the installation of a new engineering specialty, with the Tunisian Federation for Textiles and Clothing industries. Both projects are federated by the DAAD.

ENIM has also built strong cooperation links with international institutions (double graduation, internships and training, etc.). Currently, it participates in several Erasmus plus projects (AFRIQEN (Renewable Energies 2019), MEDACCR (Accreditation of engineering schools), etc.).

ENIM have a double diploma & mobility programs with:

-          ENIM-ENSIAME Valenciennes France                  

-          ENIM-Engineering school Metz France               

-          ENIM-Polytechniques Lyon France

-          ENIM – Centrale Supelec (Ecole centra Paris)

-          ENIM-Ensait France

-          ENIM- Ensisa France

-       International Master : REMENA: ENIM-Germany-Egypt

ENIM’s students participate every year in several social or technological entrepreneurship
competitions such as: Enactus, Hult price, Open Start up Tunisia, Open Start up Columbia, Tunisia
Smart cities, Las Vegas Smart cities, etc. Our students usually get one of the top 3 places.
ENIM has strong links with the national socio-economic organisms (support structures, NGO,
industry, other higher education institutions, etc.).